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Playa Venao

Playa Venao is a horseshoe shaped bay located at the tip of the Azuero Peninsula in the charming, culturally rich region of Pedasi. A curvy road from Pedasi town takes you past farms and rolling hills until you arrive in the beautiful beach community of Playa Venao.

With almost three kilometers of beach, Playa Venao is the largest protected bay within hours of Panama City. Playa Venao is a paradise. Not only does it offer amazing natural beauty and activities like surfing and deep-sea fishing, but it also is considered an extremely safe region of Panama. Culturally, Pedasi enjoys one of the largest annual celebrations of Carnival as well as over ten festivals throughout the year. A combination of unique activities, beautiful landscapes, and amazing people make Playa Venao a perfect place.

Special Features & Location

  • Day trips abound- Isla Iguana is just a 20 minute boatride from Pedasi  and offers amazing natural attractions, over 62 species of birds as well as many fishing and diving opportunities
  • Venao has one of the driest climates in Central America making it a year round destination not just seasonal
  • Venao is a quick 4 an hour drive from Panama City or a 45 minute flight on Air Panama from Panama City to the new Captain J. Montenegro Airport in Pedasi
  • Chitre, a town located little more than an hours drive from Pedasi is a medium sized city of over 100,000 people. It provides the Pedasi region with all the amenities and services it needs including: private hospitals, shopping malls, big grocery stores, private schools and much more
  • The Pedasi region is known as the country’s “tuna coast”. Just offshore are big numbers of yellow-fin tuna. The waters around Pedasi yield both inshore and offshore fish species. Within a few minutes of town you can catch sailfish, red and cubera snapper, marlin, Spanish mackerel, roosterfish, amberjack, mahi-mahi, grouper and wahoo in season

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Azuero Peninsula



ith its quaint architecture and neatly laid-out streets, Pedasi embodies Panamanian culture. The town square boasts an impressive church and the city itself teems with life.  Pedasi also conveniently offers a larger grocery store, bank, bakery, and a few great restaurants.

Cambutal & Cerro Hoya


ontinuing on the main road past Playa Venao, this national park area offers an incredible chance to see nature at its finest. A paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers, this area offers pristine hard to reach beaches, overnight camping and incredible experience for all who venture into the unknown.

Chitre & Las Tablas


n the road to Pedasi from Panama City you will pass through Chitre & Las Tablas. These small cities have everything you need including restaurants, stores, a hospital and anything else your heart desires.

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