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13 reasons to Invest in Panama

  • Close to North America: direct flights from most major North American cities: Newark, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Orlando, Montreal, Toronto just to name a few
  •  Panama is one of the safest countries: with a safety tourist record comparable to that of the USA, Panama does not suffer from the same stigma attached to some other places in Central America
  •  Natural Beauty: whether you want mountains, jungles, beaches or valleys, everything can be found in Panama within a short drive. )Playa Venao is the best example of this, as it is proximate to all types of nature and topography as well as endless natural activities like hiking, fishing, surfing etc.
  •  Investing in a fledgling nation: many people claim that Panama is only 14 years old as they say that growth and development did not really occur until the canal was returned to the Panamanian people. As a result, Panama is experiencing a boom economy with growth rates far surpassing those in almost every other country in the world.


  • Most stable government and economy in Latin America: thanks in large part to the canal and relatively small population (around 4 million people) Panama has experienced high growth rates and little in terms of political turmoil.. The government is believed to be amongst the most stable in Latin America.
  • US Dollar as Currency: no worries about inflation, losing money through exchange or even overpaying for your coffee by 75 dollars because the exchange rate was forgotten.. Panama is on the US Dollar and it greatly facilitates daily life.
  • Panama is not susceptible to natural disasters: unlike other parts of Central America, Panama rarely gets hit by hurricanes and earthquakes. The Pacific Coast especially is well protected, making property at play Venao a safe bet.
  • Panama has the best benefits for retirees in the world: big discounts on air tickets, medicine, movies, restaurants, hotels etc. Other benefits include the importation of all your household goods free of all taxes and as a retiree you can import a car every two years free of import taxes.
  • Panama has a carefree climate: the Azuero Peninsula and Playa Venao benefit from year round beach weather…

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  • Panama has a modern infrastructure: if you are thinking about dirt roads that cannot be passed aside from a 4×4, think again. Panama has an extensive network of newly paved roads from the city, out to Playa Venao and further on to Boquete.
  • Medical Care: prices run about 50% less than for comparable care in the US. It is also very easy to find English-speaking doctors educated abroad. Panama is a big hub for medical tourism as a result
  • Panamanian People are Warm: people are generally very warm and friendly. From the shoe-shine guy, to the gas station attendant to the workers in restaurants, people are pleasant and want you to feel welcome. It is very difficult to find any sense of foreign resentment.
  • Foreigners have the same rights to ownership as locals: this is not the case in many other parts of Central America, but in Panama as long as you have a good lawyer, you are as safe with property as any Panamanian citizen.
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